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Lance Dorgan

Bob Freund

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In the year 2000, I decided to stop working as a wage slave for an enginnering company and do something positive with my life. This study is my way of leaving a clear memory of these Mexican indigenous peoples.

Jane Doe

Cora women in Presido de los Reyes, Nayarit looking at other participants in the study

This photo was taken on one of the field studies in the Sierra Nayar of Nayarit, Mexico. Visiting the Cora, Tepehuanos and Huichol of the region.


Participants in the study

Indigenos mens and women from all Regions of Mexico

This poster is used as a gift when I go into a village to document. It is always important to share who I am and to always ask permission to take a picture.


These are the toos I used to make this study possible

Video Camera Sony 101 hi8

Canon xr

Digital cameras

Canon s45 4megapixels 2002-2006

Canon S80 8 Megapixels 2006 - 2009

Canon G9 12 megapixels 2009 - 2010

Canon s95 10 megapixels 2010 - present



1998 Nissan Senta SE , tricked out , large tires, steel
scatter shiel underneath, heavy duty breaks. retired in 2011.

2005 Honda Civic

2005 Toyota 4runner 4x4 sold 2011

Rental trucks and cars .


Toshiba lap top 2003 = 2008

Hp Pavillion desktop dual core 2008-2011

Hp Pavillion DV9700 2010 - present


Canon Cp780 Portable digital printer 2009 - present



The Mexican Indigenous Textile project documents the traditional dress of Mexico’s Indigenous people. This effort began in 2000 and is on going. The idea is to leave a solid field based ethnographic- historical work of the first 15 years of the 21 st century.

Our Challenge

Visit and document as many villages as possible. Be non political and support indigenous groups in their efforts to preserve and defend thier rights to exist.


When not in the field , develop other sources of information and ways to present these forgotten people to the international community

The site and other electonic location


The web presence of the Mexican Indigenous Textile Project

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