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, craft project, furniture throw, headboard, seat covers. What does you imagination tell you


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One day handling, we use USPS Priority Mail box and USPS tracking number.

Delivered condition -
This piece has been washed and ironed once ( imagine after a few months of embroidering what it looks like)  


About the textile material -
The factory width of the material is 195 or 180 cm or 76 or 70 inches, it is 100% cotton unbleached muslin.

The muslin gradually changes color during the washing process. The original color is an off white,

once embroidered and washed it shrinks about 5-8%.


About Specials
Ask me about custom orders, they take time and require a deposit but they can be done.

Color request are fine but design and color and size are specials.


Cleaning -
They are cold water washable either by hand ( preferred) or gentle machine cycle and also dry cleanable. NO BLEACH
When washing , as with any cotton embroidery , no bleach should be used and soaking for long periods puts the textile at risk. If you can't wash it by hand, I would recommend a short washing cycle , cold water gentle cycle. I usually place them in the washer and fill to MAX load and they manually agitate the textiles for about a minute , then use the shortest cycle possible. When finished washing, I immediately remove the textiles , if I have the room I hang it on a line fully extended , if not then I use a dryer on the lowest heat and gentlest cycle the shortest amount of time. Iron damp on the reverse side. if you want to iron the embroidered side cover it with a sheet. Just remember the hotter the water and dryer the more it will shrink.


About the color you see -
Note - The color displayed in this image was taken with a digital camera,

the tone may vary slightly from what you see on the screen. Here is why –


Digital camera have a natural color variations

  You monitor is not color tuned
  The available colors for internet display are limited
  The effect of flash can leave the outer edges of the textile looking darker.
  Colors appear different under different lighting conditions... i.e. incandescent ( add a yellow tone) fluorescent add blue.
  lighting conditions can vary the contrast and brightness of the colors

Are accepted up to 7 days, the items will be inspected for use against the

original high resolution photo. If the tag is remove the return is not accepted.



As a textile historian I have been documenting indigenous textiles all over the Mexican Republic

, I receive no funding from any source . Mexico has 64 known languages and thousands of variation

or dialects of those languages. I have documented over 750 villages which have at least one

person who uses traditional indigenous dress. This project is entirely self funded so...

When you purchase these bedspreads and other textiles you are helping the

Otomi and assisting the Mexican Textile Project continue its work. Visit www.mexicantextiles.com.


About Mexican Textiles and handicrafts -
From time to time slight imperfections can occur due to the long processes of drawing

and then embroidering these wonderful pieces , I attempt to limit these issue but the

can occur from time to time and are a natural part of the process.

The thread is a three strand cotton which is "unwound" from a 6 strain thead.

This process gives and the direction of the embroidery gives a wonderful varied

look to the solid colored pieces. Take the item into full sunlight and the shadows

and directional distances disappear.


About the process
Prior to embroidery another person will draw the design on the muslin using

a pen with water soluble ink, Then the material with the design drawn on it is embroidered.

There are over 100 people that can draw designs.

It is a separate process which creates the unique design of each piece.

The record time to embroider a solid colored piece is 3 weeks ( three women working all the time) ,

most take a few months. These items are made at home, it is considered cottage industry,

they are NEVER mass produced. Some embroiderers / vendors sell the items

without washing the ink out, all of my items are washed , ironed and inspected.

This adds cost but gives me the security of selling a top quality product.


Size and Shape
These pieces are rectangular, sometimes the prospective seen is not rectangular,

this is cause by the camera angle. They vary in size due to the way they are cut,

shrinkage from embroidery and washing.


About the purchase process –
I deeply enjoy going to the villages and announcing that I am there to buy.

Usually at the home of a person I know.The individual embroiderers begin

to arrive with all types of embroidered goods. Generally I look at them, smell them ,

and manually weight them, measure the width using my reach.

Check for a stamp that comes from the muslin factory. Because I am tall I can tell if the piece

is sub standard size buy the width of my reach. Look for damage or

stains and of course the embroidery quality.

I also use an award winning embroiderer to assist in accumulating pieces before

I arrive in the Sierra. She goes to her family and friends and prepares

the pieces by inspecting , washing and ironing. I always purchase

all she has because I can be sure of quality work.

Recently I have been walking around the villages buying directly from the embroiderers

, this takes more time but gives me a greater variety of product.

About king sized coverlet - NO KING SIZE is available.


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