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Thank you for visiting my web site. I would appreciate any comments about the collection and its presentation or if you find what you believe to be an error .

If you want to contribute to the site with pictures of textiles and or other valuable information please write me and we can discuss it.

If you disagree with my interpretation of events write a letter to the editor of a Mexican newspaper.

I am available to:

1. Exhibit the textiles and present about indigenous Mexico .
2. Under contract develop a collection for museums or collectors.
3. Act as a special guide to textile collectors.

As an individual collector I am looking for sponsors to help me continue this important work. If you are interested in sponsoring the acquisition a specific costume or want to help with donations of a costume or money. Please contact me at

Credits and thanks

First to Christa Rudolph, my former wife of 27 years , who never never questioned my obsession with the collection and who always was supportive.
To my parents who taught me to reject injustice and be interested in history, nature, people and adventure.
Angeles Arriens whose teachings of the Four Fold Way and the incorporation of indigenous knowledge into modern life inspired me to seek a path true to my heart and work on this project. Her foundations made a generous grant for Vanishing traditions which helped pay in part for this web site.
To Charles Papp, my friend who hired me in 1970 and sent me to Mexico to be his handicrafts buyer for Gifts International.
My friends Oralia Mendoza and Olegario Munoz who gave us a home to live in Ocotlan Oaxaca. Their knowledge about Oaxaca and acceptance into their family endures to this day.
To my deceased and dear friends Mr. and Mrs Navarro of Mexico City. Who opened their home to me and spent endless hours explaining Mexico’s political social and economic ways.
I have to mention Compumotor, I worked there for 20 years in a variety of positions and it was their pay that allowed me to make my buying trips once or twice a year.

Bob Freund
Coyoacan, Mexico