Tlacoazintepec, a Chinanteco town in the remote Chinantla region. The road that runs from Jalapa de Diaz end here. They have back strap loomed huipils here, the village is small but the location is stunning.
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tlacoatzintepec town
The road to Tlacoatzintepec runs deep into the Chinantla region of Oaxaca. The road actually ends at the town and you can only advance by horseback from there. You enter at Jalapa de Diaz and it takes about 4 hours on a dirt road. San Juan Bautista Tlacoatzintepec is located on the road beyond San Felipe Usila and on the way there are incredible panoramic views. They weave a natural colored huipil in the town with pre-Hispanic designs. All the huipils that I have include a two-headed turkey woven on the breastplate.
When we entered the town, there was no one wearing the traditional huipil, but a few older women were wearing the huipils from Usila. The people were very shy and looked at us warily. It was late and I did not have a lot of time to explore the village. On the way out, the road was blocked by some locals and they asked what we were doing there. The town is not visited very often by Americans. Bird design. In some Mexican indigenous cultures birds are the observers and messengers. They bring information to the spirits about the behavior of the people. Next to the map is a composite of designs from the huipils.