San Pedro Tlatepuxco, Can only be reach by foot, the huipil is similar to the huipil from Valle Nacional., I met the weaver during the Guelaguetza in Oaxaca City. She had woven this huipil including her name and town, which makes this a certain identification.Bob Freund 2/25/2005
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During the Guelaguetza, the major festival in the Oaxaca City, many indigenous peoples come to town to participate and to sell their handicrafts. While sitting in the Zocalo, I was approached by a young woman wearing a huipil and offering this one for sale. The huipil has her name embroidered on it and the name of her town. It is similar to those from Valle Nacional. It says "made by a girl from San Pedro Tlatepuxco." On the back it says “Usila Tux. Oax. March 3 1973." Tux stands for Tuxtepec, the municipal capital. When you look at the map it is obvious how remote this town is. As of 2002 there was no road into the town. The major market town of Valle Nacional was pushing the state government to build a road. I guess I will have to go back and find out if they did. It is also possible to arrive near the village during rainy season by small boats that navigate up the Usila River and its tributaries.