Yaitepec , Oaxaca is a Chatino village up hill from Juquilla. The blouses shown here from the collection are part of the costumes used during the 1997 Guelaguetza. Bob Freund 2/22/2005

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The textile tradition of the Chatino has all but disappeared, but the village of Yaitepec continues to embroider blouses and other handicrafts. The embroidery from the village can range from very commercial to fine handwork. The pieces shown were purchased after my pilgrimage to Juquila in 1998 with my friends from Ocotlan de Morelos.

The wonderful combination of designs and colors shows the artistry of the Chatino embroiderers. At the local store, I told the owner that I wanted to buy some nice blouses. For a while it seemed that that was not going to happen, however finally eight blouses appeared that where just amazing. They were placed on a table, and as different Chatino women came in they commented and touched the blouses. The favorites were the black embroidered blouse, the rose blouse, and the “deer” blouse. It was inevitable that I would buy all three.

The little girl in the picture is from the first trip. She was on her way to a party and modeled her costume for me. Her aunts and grandmother were there and enjoyed it very much.