Santiago Aquismon, a Huasteca town, located in the State of San Luis Potosi. The village still maintains its language and to some degree its textile tradition. During the towns Saint Day celebration their Quechquemitl and embroidered bag were very much in use. During a baptism ceremony a unique "papoose" to carry kids was universally used. There are at least two active embroidery groups with over 150 embroiderers. Bob Freund 8/8/2004 For more information contact:

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Aquismon is located between Ciudad Valles and Tamazuncale SLP. The road follows along the eastern slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Two women standing outside the church entrance showing a traditional costume and a more contemporary one.
The quechquemitl is the trade mark garment from the Huasteca peoples. This piece is typical, there are also pieces embroidered on muslin with as fine as a two count cross stitch but I didn't see any that day.
The embroidered bag was worn by most women, even those not in traditional dress. This helps keep the textile patterns alive. For more about textile patterns see below a link below this gallery.
Here the quechquemitl is worn on the head for shade. The area is very HOT.
Handicraft vendor