San Mateo de Mar - The Huaves are a small indigenous group who live in a protected area surrounded by Zapotec and Zoque towns. They actually live on a peninsula that forms part of the bay near Salina Cruz. They have adopted the day to day dress of the nearby Zapotec, but have a wonderful hand woven costume that is traditional with purple dyed brocade huipil. Recently there has been a movement to save the weaving in the villages and they name weave table cloths, bags, napkins, curtains and tortilla cloths using traditional designs.

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A huipil top with intricate machine embroidery. The Huaves wear these top which are very similar to their Zapotec neighbors, the skirts are long and colorful which are made from commercial material.
TA traditional Huave costume on display at a handicrafts fair in Mexico City.

The Huaves live on a peninsula on the Pacific coast, this is a tidal stream. Fishing is an important economic factor here.
The back road into San Mateo which is now obsolete because of a newer road that enters directly onto the peninsula.
We spent time with this family and bought a number of huipils. The young boy let me record some of the Huave language.
This woman stopped by while we were visiting, she was wearing a simple day to day huipil and ribbons in her hair.