Calimaya, State of Mexico was for many years a center for weaving and knotting the ends of the rebozos. Today there is little work and only 5-10 women that continue to weave and knot the reboso "flecko".
Bob Freund11/21/2005
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Example 1- 1. Chocina de Siete,2.Arco de nudos, 3.Espigilla sencilla, 4.Arc 5. Medio Bejuco
Example 2 - 1.Three pares de cochino 2. Arco de nudos 3. Greca sencilla 4. Arco de nudos 5. Grueso
Example 3 Espigilla 2. arco de nudos 3. Media greca 4. arco de nudos 5. Media piña sencilla 6. grueso
Example 4 - Palitos de 2 pares 2. Arco de nudos 3. medo bejuco 4. arco de nudos 5. Media piña
This community at one time was Matlatzincas; however it has lost its indigenous character. The textile craft here for many years was to finish the rebozos from different weaving towns, including Moreloen, Guanajuato and Santa Maria del Rio SLP. Today there are just a handful of these women still weaving. The women that did this work we called Las Chalinas. In these examples shown here the designs were described to me by some of the women that remain doing this work. It is interesting that the nearby weaving town of Tenancingo does not use the women from Calimaya. The rebozos from Tenancingo are cotton and these women weave silk and synthetic fibers that are much finer. They reported that at one time there were over 100 different designs woven and knotted into the rebozos. Each had a specific name which described the design.