Tenancingo, St. of Mexico is a large town wich has a large weaveing population. The Tenancingo reozos are worn in many indigenous communities around Mexico, The rebozos are ikat dyed and loomed on Spanish looms. Bob Freund11/25/2005

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Various rebozo designs
Part of the Ikat process
Weaving the rebozo
The town
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Sample of rebozos in th market.
Rebozo´s hangig after being woven and the ends have been dyed . The reboso is not ready to be knotted.
Tenancingo is a large town with a very traditional crafts. The rebozos from Tenancingo are worn all around the state and in other localities by indigenous and mestizo women. Of the three major towns in Mexico that continue to weave rebozos, Tenancingo is the closest to Mexico City and in particular they use cotton instead of silk or synthetic fibers. There is a weaver’s co op in town with at least 21 different families and groups associated with it. Not to mention the dozens of rebozo vendors that set up outside the municipal market every day.

The weaving process is elaborate as it is complicated; however the two most important distinguishing features are the Ikat designs and the finishing on the ends of the rebozos, which are knotted. Ikat design is created by tie in a specific number of threads in a patterns and latter dying the threads. After that process they string the threads on the loom and weave creating these incredible designs. In the second image you can see the ball of thread after it has been tied but no dyed yet, also the extended threads being prepared for the loom.

There is major market on Sunday and many women from the surrounding towns bring their rebozos to sell there. They are the women that actually knot the rebozos.