The Mayo of Sonora and Sinaloa live in an arid belt along the Mayo River on either side of the Sonora and Sinaloa borders. They are well known for their Pascola and Deer dances. They for the most part wear modern clothing and dress in costumes for the various dances. The Easter week ceremony is particularly important and goes on for a week. Jupare is very near the Gulf of Mexico the climate is very desert like.

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Jupare is in the State of Sonora, it is part of Huatabampo District and is almost on the coast. The terrain is very sandy the the temperature is hot.
The Easter week celebration starts with the Fariseo turning Christ over to the Romans
The Dance of the Deer is a classic Mayo Dance, it is simialr to the Yaqui dance.
The Farieso´s are not allowed to talk , but they can tease and fool around. The masks are burned in a huge fire at the end on this part of the celebration