Barrio Bombaro is located in the district of Temascalcingo, the State of Mexico. A wonderful quechquemitl is still worn in the town. Bob Freund 5/16/2005

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Barrio Bombaro was the last stop on the trip to the Mazahua region (5/05) and it turned out to be very interesting. While there is much in common with the Mazahua costume notable the woven belts and the slip , there is a great deal of variety in the pleated, smocked and laced aprons, blouses and skirts. Here the blouse and the apron have a great deal of ruffles and pleats. I was able to see the stash of blouses and aprons that Juana Francisca Gonzales has and they were all more subdued colors than those of villages further south. On the road to the town I notice women wearing a colorful quechquemitl and decided to take a shot at the town. As I drove up to the town Juana was sitting in front of her house with the quechquemitl on her lap. Well... being tired and sill shook up from being attacked by a dog I decided to take the short route to the pictures and offered her money. NO PROBLEM... that opens almost any door and from there I was able to get these great shots. After the shoot on the road up I was able to confirm her costume as a number of women were walking up hill wearing the costume. The younger women wore modern clothing.

The town is up high on the hill side with great views of the valley below.