San Jeronimo de los Dolores, is a Mazahua village dispersed among rolling hills at the foot of wooded mountains. The traditional dress is still in use among many generations. Bob Freund 5/16/2005

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older fashion
new style (2005)
With the help of a guide from San Miguel Agua Bendita we began to drive cross county to avoid returning to the main road. The roads all ended in a creek and up a hill with no way down into the town. However, we did conclusively prove that there were no longer and car worthy roads between the two towns. I believe that all things happen for a reason and when we finally made it to the house of the “Delegada” (mayor) she told us she had just arrived home. So, if we had made it there earlier we would have missed her and none of these photos would have happened. The rolling hillsides are very dry this time. Sofia Sanchez was very helpful, she first allowed herself to be photographed (2nd from left on bottom row), then took us to another house where an elderly woman was just finishing her embroidered blouse. This blouse is in an older style; the woman went in side and changed into a traditional costume posed for the pictures. Soon afterward a “comadre” came walking by and was asked to participate by Sofia. This woman was wearing her traditional dress and carrying her child in her reboso. San Jeronimo no longer uses a quechquemitl. I think that it is important to mention that the cowboy style hat is worn by everywoman and on the second page Sofia asked that she be photographed with her hat on.