Loma de Juarez is a Mazahua community located near Vila Victoria in the State of Mexico. The costume is in decline but still worn by at least two generations. The apron (delantal) is heavily pleated and the slip (nahua) is floor length and very broad. Bob Freund 5/16/2005

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I located the “Delegado” (mayor) and he went with me to find some one to participate in this study. It is always interesting to work through these visits. He first asked his daughters, who declined (not a good sign), then he would not ask his neighbor because her husband was not around… Then we saw a woman who runs a local store, she is from another village but has adopted the dress from Loma de Juarez. She did not have the full costume on and covered her top with a reboso so only the apron, blouse and Mazahua slip would show. She is the 1st picture on the bottom row.
Then we went to the home of Rosa Boradilla Marin who lives near the school. After explaining the project and with the help of the mayor she agreed to participate. The costume here is different than many others as the skirt and apron are floor length. The apron is heavily pleated and the blouse has a round lace collar with pleating. The Mazahua slip extends almost a foot from the bottom of the skirt. Both Mazahua slip that I photographed in this village showed traditional patterns of this group. I hope someday to be able to catalog a large number of these designs for posterity.