San Antonio de la Laguna is located in the district of Donato de Guerra the state of Mexico. The traditional dress is still widely used here. The town is located on rolling hills near the nearly dried lake. Their crafts are sold in Valle de Bravo. Bob Freund 5/16/2005

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My original contact with people from this town was at the handicrafts market in Valle de Bravo, they sell their crafts there in that tourist town. I purchased a complete costume form a woman who told me she was from San Simon de la Laguna. It turns out that she is actually from San Antonio de la Laguna. When you show a picture around the town everyone know who she was and said she was located in San Antonio. Ok… off I go to San Antonio, which is on a dirt road as you pass through San Simon. After a bit of a run around I was sent to the home of Anastasia Asate who also sells handicraft. She and her sons were interested in the project and agreed to participate, whenever I take photos they are accompanied by a promise to return with a copy.

The costume here is similar to those in San Simon and Tres Puentes. The over blouse has a lace front and can include sequences. The back strap woven belts can be different widths and the apron has tires with lace pleats. In the bottom left photo you can get an idea about the number of layers involved in the costume.

The town has recently begun to pave the street and a narrow paved road led me to their home.