San Felipe Santiago located near villa de Allende , state of Mexico. The town has a long handicraft tradition of fine embroidery and wool products including ponchos, table runners, bedspreads and napkins.Bob Freund 5/16/2005

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The town of San Felipe is town where handicrafts are a way of life; the people here weave and embroidered a broad variety of crafts. There is a tendency in the past few years to loss the traditional dress but there is also a trend towards a formal Mazahua costume. On the bottom left this young woman posed for me with her elegant Mazahua dress she is wearing high heel shoes. During the rest of the trip I showed this dress to other Mazahua women and they ALL said it was beautiful. They are correct!!! The dress retains the Mazahua character with the full Mazahua character with the ruffles and pleats with the Mazahua slip while adding a tailored look that is new to the Mazahua costume. This family has participated in a number of shoots in the past and this time they invited their neighbors and willingly broke out their Mazahua slips. The belt in the upper row is an excellent example of the older style belt, which is very wide.
The other composite pictures are of the towns’ surroundings, some of the wool crafts and the finely stitched embroidery done in cotton. On the flowing pages you can see the incredible detail of these pieces.