San Simon de la Laguna is located in the district of Donato de Guerra, the state of Mexico. Traditional dress is still worn here by almost all generations. Due to the proximity to Valle de Bravo the residents are very sensitive about photos.
Bob Freund 5/16/2005

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San Simon de la Laguna is located close to Valle de Bravo and is the hub of Mazahua activity in the area. Most women in the village continue to wear traditional dress. The long Mazahua slips (nahua) have both embroidery and crocheted on them and are beautiful. If you decide to go to this village be very careful, the inhabitants are very suspicious of people taking their pictures with out their permission. On the other hand getting permission is tough also. You might have to pay. I went to the mayor and he was not able to convince anyone to stand for a picture. However in the handicrafts market in Valle de Bravo it is easier.