Santa Rosa de Lima is located in the El Oro district of the State of Mexico. The traditional Mazahua culture is in danger here due to migration. There is a core group of women working to preserve the Mazahua crafts and designs.Bob Freund 5/16/2005
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Santa Rosa de Lima is located in the beautiful district of El Oro. Note.. the town of El Oro has so wonderful historic buildings in it. The tourism director of El Oro took me personally to visit this village. It is definitely in transition and the traditional costume is only in use during festivals and special presentations. However the Mazahua slip (nahua) continues in use. Above we see a number of pictures which display the ropa tipica or traditional costume of the town. The woven stripped wool wrap skirt, belt and the quechquemitl are elegant. The woman holding up the quechquemitl told me there were about 50 women two years ago who were still weaving and toady (5/05) there were only twenty. She was very helpful showing the different pieces and her daughter in law went inside and got dresses. Although she was wearing modern cloths I asked her if se still worr the Mazahua slip? Sure enough she lifted her skirt slightly and there it was. On the following Page you can see the wonderful ponchos that are still woven in the town.