Tres Puentes is a small Mazahua village in the Donato de Guerra district of the State of Mexico. Traditional dress is still prevalent here as is embroidery and other crafts. Bob Freund 5/16/2005

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Tres Puentes is a very small community on the road to Donato de Guerra it is uphill from Valle de Bravo. When I first stopped here I spoke with the Delegado Segundo who (as is customary ) would make no decision about helping me without authorization from the Delegado numero 1, himself. It was not hard to find him and we spoke and he gave me leave to see if I could find someone myself. The first home yielded the unexpected, a "sillo" or blanket like wrap used by the women on cold days; this textile is no longer made. It was just laying in a heap and the lady, who would not come out of her house said I could take pictures of it. Wonderful... the designs are pure Mazahua. Across the street I spoke with this grandmother and her granddaughter, the granddaughter agreed to participate. It was interesting because she had a Mazahua slip which was almost identical to the one in the collection. The ropa tipica or traditional dress is similar to the towns of san Simon and San Antonio de la Laguna.

The community is located in a forested region.