Huautla de JImenez is a large Mazatec town that is in the process of lossing its textile tradition. Most joung woman no longer wear the traditional huipil. Bob Freund 11/4/2005 For more infomation

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The altitude of Huautla de Jiménez is around 6000 feet high, depending what part of the town you are in. In almost all directions, there are magnificent views. Here are four to get you oriented about the beauty of this town. To get to Huautla you take the old highway to Oaxaca from Tehuacan, Puebla to Teotitlan Flores Magon, then up the mountain on the new road to Tuxtepec , Oaxaca. The town is getting modernized, most major streets are paved, and the population is used to outsiders due to the fame of the town because of its “magic mushrooms”. The town seems a lot higher because when you drive up from Flores Magon te road seem to just go straight up.
The traditional dress in the town is rapidly disappearing , while there are some older women that still wear the traditional huipil and embroidered wrap skirt, most women seen during market day didn´t wear the huipil. During festival most women wear traditional dress.
There are a few pictures here captured from video of people in traditional dress from arounf the town. There are also stores that sell huipils and embroidered dresses and blouses in town. In the market there are many women that sell embroidered napkins.