Huautla de JImenez is a large Mazatec town that is in the process of lossing its textile tradition. Most joung woman no longer wear the traditional huipil.
Bob Freund 11/4/2005

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Ixcatlan is on the shores of Lake Aleman , small boats go back and forth from one side of the lake to the side nearest Tuxtepec. During my visit there in 2001 there were very few women still wearing the traditional huipil. The photo in the market on the bottom row, show just one woman in traditional huipil. During a church service a few more women can down the hill in huipils; however I would say that the general trend is not good for traditional costume here. The huipil in the collection was purchased in 1974. The streets were paved and the town was orderly.

The older woman with the cane is wearing a huipil; however the red portion which is normally embroidered is a commercial material with a floral pattern.