Jalapa de Diaz is a large market town near Tuxtepec, Oaxaca. there are both day to day and fiestival huipils still worn here by women of many age groups. Bob Freund 11/4/2005 For more information contact: info@mexicantextiles.com

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Jalapa de Diaz is located on the road to Tuxtepec from Huautla. The town is in the flats very near the Lake Miguel Aleman. It is a cross roads for those coming from the interior of the Chinantla area of Oaxaca. Jalapa is up and coming, though it retains it Mazatec roots. The main streets are now paved and there is an active market almost all the time.
This blue huipil shown here is problematic, I have asked a number of people and most say it is from Jalapa. In Huautla and Ayautla both said it was from Jalapa, however some people in Jalapa said it was not from there. In Ixcatlan they said it was from Temascal it is extraordinarily embroidered. It was purchased from a indigenous vendor in the Saturday market during the Guelaquetza in Oaxaca in 1972. Incredible embroidered detail and the blue on white makes this one my absolute favorite of all my collection. Close up of bird from the blue huipil, the diamond design below the birds is exactly the same as the red huipil confirmed from Jalapa.
The stripped wrap skirt was purchased in 2001 in Jalapa, you can see more on the following pages. The red huipil has been confirmed by many people in town as from Jalapa. In fact there was one hanging in a crafts store there.