Cotzocon Mixe is a huipil weaving village deep in the Sierra Mixe. Back strp alooms are used to weave huipil, rebosos, napkins, table cloths and other textile crafts. Travel to Cotzocon is over a long dirt road. Bob Freund7/14/2004 for more information contact:

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San Juan Cotzocon is located in the heart of the Sierra Mixe. A new road will take you to Zacatepec from Mitla and from there a 2 hour drive on a rough dirt road will bring you to the village..

The road. I would strongly recommend a 4wd truck and don't go alone. The road is very isolated during the trip I only passed 2 trucks.
There is a sacred mountain nearby called La Malinche, the low clouds prevented a good picture, but as with most Mixe towns the views are fantastic.
As with most rural towns, I first went to the authorities. I talked a bit and then Guillermo took me to his compound where is wife showed me how she weaves huipils..
The huipil is woven loosely of cotton with traditional Cotzocon patterns. I was told there are about 60 different patterns that are used to weave the huipil. I have included a large number in the Cool Textiles section.
A cute young Mixe girl wearing a child’s huipil. The red skirt is also traditional however in the past it was also woven. I was not in the village long enough the find a skirt weaver but I am sure that they exist since the woven skirt is available in Oaxaca City.