Tamazulapan Mixe is a traditional town with about 65% usage of costume, there are many weavers and other traditional handicrafts. Language is conserved to a great degree.Bob Freund 7/14/2004 for more information contact: info@mexicantextiles.com

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Tamazulapa is on the road from Mitla into the Sierra Mixe. It is the next town after Ayutla. The new road makes it easy to get there. Follow the road into Mitla and then just go straight instead of enter Mitla.
The costume from Tamazulapa consists of a white cotton huipil with the panels joined with a red stitch and the neck bordered in red and black, a hand-woven belt with a palm strap underneath it, there are is also a type of hair braid know as tlacoyal.
A traditional back strap loom from "Tama", throughout the Mixe region all the town names are shortened.
Due to the steep hillsides donkeys are still very useful for agriculture and gathering wood as are trucks to bring the products to market. There is a lot of progress in construction and some degree of cultural loss. Although it is one of the three Mixe towns in this region that still have a large number of women wearing huipils.
I was fortunate to participate in a ceremony that brings the masculine spirit and the female spirit together for the good of the children. This is a sacred spot were the female spirit resides. The female spirit is called Ákxquiäpy and the male spirit , who lives on a mountain nearby is called Pihup (sp).
The huipil from the collection it is a back strap loomed while cotton cloth of three panels joined with an embroidery stitch to form the huipil. This piece was collected in 1982 in Oaxaca City.