Tlahuitoltepec has a unique costume a muslin blouse embroidered by machine and a flowing cotton skirt and back strap woven belt. Bob Freund 7/14/2004 for more information

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Tlahuitoltepec Mixe is one of the three towns in this region that conserves its textile tradition. The town is located on the road from Mitla into the Sierra Mixe beyond Tamazulapa.
Sign post at the curve in the road there are two entrances to the town, this signals the lower entrance.
The town is located on the side of a mountain with spectacular views. Notice the way the reboso is worn on the head of the women ascending the trail.
In the center of town, I purchased this costume at the handicrafts collective,. This young girl was willing to model it for me.
The blouse is muslin with machine stitched designs. I first saw this costume at the June festival in Yalalag, a Zapotec town.
The blouse that I bought for the collection in July 2004.