During a earlier visit to Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, I was stunned to see this costume, which I had never seen before. The Mixtec woman wandered through the market and I followed her until she sat down on the steps to my hotel. That was a good thing, because now I could approach her, she spoke no Spanish. Soon her husband came by and help out a bit. She told me were she was from and that set the ground work for the future visit. Bob Freund 8/18/2004 For more information please contact info@mexicantextiles.com

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1. Debbie Hubsmith wearing one of the blouses at a Mexican Indigenous Fashion show in 1998 in San Geronimo California. . El Porvenir Tijaltepec is a small village located near Chalcatongo Oaxaca. 3. On a visit to Chalcatongo, I was able to find a woman that had a skirt to sell. But we had to go to the village; the town at that time was located on a very difficult dirt road about 1 hours drive from Chalcatongo. When we left Chalcatongo there were 8 people and all their market purchased loaded in the truck. Only the children spoke Spanish and the boy on the right was my guide and translator. 4. The deer design is very typical and rather than embroidered is created by smocking the material to form the patterns. 5 A close up of the deer design smocking. 6. The sleeves are also smocked in this case with a deer rearing.

This village is a small hamlet which is in the vicinity of Chalcatongo , Oaxaca. During the market the Mixtec people of El Porvenir bring baskets and other "palm" products to sell. The scarcity of palm in the region has forced the people to use plastic strips instead of palm. One of the two blouses purchased in 1995 along with a hand woven skirt.