Santa Maria Concepcion a typical Mixtec town with embroidered blouse and flower patterned skirt. these ethic blouses are well know i Mexico , there are part of the most important Mixtec dance.
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The sleeve
The skirt is made from store bought cotton cloth.
Santa Maria is located near Juxtlahuaca Oaxaca. If you travel to Juxtlahuaca during the festival on July 25th there are traditional dances and sometimes the men are playing the pre-Hispanic ball game called “Pelota Mixteca”. I watched a long game and was told that they play every Sunday (1993). The blouse was purchased in 1993 at the July festival of Sanit Santiago in Juxtlahuaca, Oaxaca. The woman was selling ice cream and I noticed a bag with textiles in it. These designs are typical of the variety of blouses found in the region. Also presented here is a second blouse with a different geometric design.