Tlaxiaco a cross roads market town in the heart on the Mixteca Aalta region, there are two different markets there and peoples from the surrounding area bring goods to sell and stock up on provisions. Costume in the Mixteca region is rapidly disappearing and tlaxiaco is one of the few places where it can be seen, espacially on Market days. .Bob Freund 8/18/2004 For more information plese contact:

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Tlaxiaco is the central market town in the Mixtec highlands. There are so many villages that there are two market days. The actual huipil of Tlaxiaco is now extinct expect for festival dances and cultural events. During the market, people wearing different types if traditional clothing can be seen shopping. On one of the trips to Tlaxiaco I located a vendor that produced the different types of simple peasant clothing worn in the region. The gingham outfit is from a local village as is the mens muslin on the far right.