San Jose Miahuatlan in a large Nahua town in the Tehuacan Valley. There are still 14 women that wear the huipil on a day to day basis. I was told that there is still one weaver that can weave this huipil 7/2006
Bob Freund 7/20/06
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San José Miahuatlan is one of the towns on the old "Camino de Huipil "(road of the huipil). During a brief visit there in 2003 I noticed in the market a woman that was wearing the supposedly extinct huipil. It is like finding an extinct species. It thrilled me! I resolved to come back and document the costume in detail. This May 2006, I was able to return to the town, while waiting for some blouses to be finished in Chilac. The police directed me to the home of Doña Chita (Maria Castillo Santos) when the family invited me in, she appeared in her huipil. She didn’t speak Spanish but the family explained that there are still 14 women that still wear the huipil in town and even more amazing, one of them still weaves them, of course that is another trip.