San Antonio Canada is a town located in a long canyon in the Tehuacan region. This woman was selling herbal medicines in Chilac and with the help of a bi-lingual person convinced her to participate. On a seperate trip I documented the town.
Bob Freund 7/20/06
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San Antonio Canada is a small town stuck away in a narrow canyon. The woman pictured here was photographed in Chilac, wee she sells herbs medicinal herbs at the weekly market. She spoke no Spanish, when I tried to get her to let me take her picture she hid inside a local store. I went into the store and spoke with the owner, who was bi-lingual. He convinced her that she should let me take her picture ok I offered 50 pesos to her. She had already packed up her herbs but once she agreed to let me shoot, well, she reset up her herbs stand just the way she would sell that at the market.

In the surrounding villages I did notice this style of indigenous costume, if I compare the cut to the huipil of Cuautla there is a direct line to this blouse, as far as I am concerned.