San Geronimo Axochitlan is a small Nahua village near San Jose Miahuatlan. There was just 1 woman that still used the traditional huipil. There were three village that used this style huipil, Axuxco , now extinct, Miahuatlan 14 people as of July 2006.
Bob Freund 7/20/06
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Rolanda Dias Dorantes

The Columbian - Juan Gasper Sandoval
San Geronimo Axochoitlan is a small village in the District of Miahuatlan. Numerous people told me I should visit this village, it was fortunate. This person is the last one in the village of 1500 to wear a traditional costume. I met the President of the village Maximilliano, who brought me to her home. Her name is Rolanda Dias Dorantes. The costume is similar to that of San Jose Miahuatlan, in fact there are three towns that wore this style of huipil, in San Jose Axuxco the next town over, and it is now extinct. The president there told me they buried the last person a year ago. It is the custom to be buried in your huipil and with you other clothes.

Maximilano then took me to visit a town artisan The “Columbian" the villages gave him that name because he has a full head of curly hair. He showed me how thy make baskets from bamboo.