his small village seemed nearly deserted when dave Antonio and I arrive there in 1978. After walking around , we found three sisters who had some embroidery pieces , which we bought. After some discussion they showed us the bueatifully embroidered blouse they had made for thier mother. We had a long and fun exchange and finally they traded the blouse for a mattress we had in the back of the camper. It was a great deal for both of us. However I have since not been able to fid this town again. Bob Freund July 17 , 2006

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This small village was right next to Altepexi, we drove along a dirt road next the railroad tracks and finally came to this small village. I have been unable to find it on any map or even locate it again. My friend Dave Antonio and I actually got lost and found this small village, we talked to three sisters, but they didn’t have any blouses finished. They did show us a blouse they had embroidered for their mothers birthday, we talked some more and traded a foam mattress we had in our camper for the blouse. It was the last day of our trip and we didn’t need it and they were really happy to do the trade . A close up of the front of the blouse. Detail of embroidery on the back. The body of the blouse is a satin type material.