The Sunday market had at least 10 different types of costumes. The traditional dress is from the villages in the mountains above the town. Some of the blouses are exceptional ones which I have never seen before.
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Tehuetlan is not actually part of the Huazalingo district, however it is so close that I am including it here. On the first visit to the town in 7/04, I was astounded by the variety of blouses and costumes being worn to market. Here are some samples of the different costumes. Many of these have led me to other villages. In particular, those costumes of Huazalingo, Papatlatla and Huautla. The first picture is a man from near Jaltocan selling tobacco; the scale uses a river rock as a measure. He rolled me a cigar out of the fresh tobacco and to be truthful it tasted good to this ex-smoker. The third from the right is a blouse that I had not seen on the first trip. The first blouse on the bottom row is typical of Tehuetlan and the vicinity. The man is from Papatlatla and there is another gallery dedicated to the village of Calnali.