Macuxtepetla, Huejutla, Hidalgo is a town on the road between Huejutla and Jaltocan in the Huasteca regionof the state of Hidalgo. There is a great variety of embroidered blouses and traditional dress worn in the village. Bob Freund 2/2/2006

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There are always interesting interactions and positive experience when you are on the road. During a visit to a completely different district I met a Polish anthropologist who invited me to a baptism in Macuxtepetla. Before the baptism there was a church service and a confirmation. I took some shots of the parishioners as they exited the church. They are a real good mix of the different types of embroidered blouses and dress worn in the town.

The first picture is interesting in that many young girls wear this sort of home made dress. The new textiles added to the collection are a reflection of this change in style. When they are all so similar I consider then to be a change in fashion rather than a loss of textile tradition. In this town, I saw many women in that style of dress. It is pleated and has machine embroidered design on it. The priest P. José Barón Larias was very interested in the textile project and invited me back for a more thorough study of the villages in the region. The church was a wonderful stone building. The alter cloth was a cross stitch as was his shawl.