Huilacapixtla is a town literally built of the side of the hill. The embroidery style from this village is unique in that older pieces have detailed figures embroidered in miniature stitches all over the pieces.. Bob Freund 8/25/2006
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Textile patterns of Huilicapixtla
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What can I say about Huilacapixtla, some years ago in the town of Xicotepec I found them most stunning and complicated embroidery pieces. The top right picture is the person who was selling them in the market. There are five pieces which are intended to be the front of a blouse. There is so many tiny figures and symbols in each piece. At that time I didn’t know where they were from, however after some research I saw a similar piece in the Textile Patterns book by Chole Sayer, which identifies the piece from village. When I began showing photos around of the different pieces from the collection the different women all said that their grandmothers know have to do that style of embroidery.

In front of the clinic I found many women that had embroidery at home and to of they actually went home in the rain and brought back some examples of their work. Pictures about in frames 1 and 2 are just some of the different styles of embroidery here. If you look close at the first red piece you can see the birds and symbols the ones on the deer embroidered piece on the bottom row.

The older woman is Maria Isabel Paz and the young woman is Blandina Uribe Rosales, her mother is the embroiderer of those first two examples. In order to really give the viewer a better understanding of these pieces I have created a Textile patterns gallery. Click the link above to see the details of these pieces, remember many are magnified by my digital camera. You can actually count the stitches.