Tlaxpanaloya is right next to Naupan, there is also a textile collective here. During my visit there was a torrential downpour so I was unable to get more detail. The style of dress is similar to the other towns in the region. Bob Freund 7/27/2005 for more information contact:

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On the advise of a woman in Chachahuanta I looked up The Textile collective called Chacalxochil in Tlaxpanaloya. Just as I arrived in town it began to pour but that is not enough to stop me so off I went up the hill stopping and asking along the way. Finally I found the home of Josehina Allende, she was not home but her daughter in law Pascula answered the call. After a brief explaination of about the study, she was read to add her pueblo to the study. The costume is similar o the others in the area. At the end of the shoot I gave her a poster of embroidery from all over Mexico. She immediatly saw the piece that I had bought in Naupan a few years ago and was really excited because the pineapple design was hers ( green embroidery on the third top) . They only had a few pieces there because Josehina was at a market selling.