Xalitila,Tlaquilpa, Veracruz, Mexico is a traditional Nahua village located in the Sierra Zongolica of Veracruz, near the Puebla border. Traditional dress is a blouse with a large lace collar, black wrap skirt, solid colored sash and reboso.Robert Freund 11/9/2007
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This hamlet is typical of a dispersed indigenous village, the Spanish attempted to concentrate the indigenous population to better control them. However as new communities are formed they take the traditional form of dispersal. I found this place after passing a fork in the road a number of times and decided to see were it went. The area is open country and is probably used for grazing. My subject was very willing to participate and had a car with license plated from North Carolina , we did not speak of it but many people go to the US from this region to work and return with such things as cars and tv’s and money to build a house or start a small business.
I asked if she considered no longer dressing in traditional dress and she said it was who she was. I love to hear that, the pressures to conform to a modern style are high here in the Sierra. .
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