Atlahuilco, district in the Sierra Zongalica, Vera Cruz. The town still has many women that wear traditional clothing. There is a weaving collective in the town which although reduced in size is trying to weave wool garments. Bob Freund 27/03/2006 Return to Nahua of Zongalica Home page
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Atlahuilco is a municipal capital on the new road that leads out of tequila, Vera Cruz and makes a long loop back to the town of Zongalica. The traditional costume is a blouse with a lace round neck, a hand woven multicolor belt and a black wrap skirt. There is also a slip with crocheted on it. We first went to the town offices and there we met Isabel who was very willing to let me document the town’s costume. She took us around to another place in the town where the weaver’s collective was setting up its new offices and workshop.

The streets had been recently paved and the street lights were a recent addition.