The Sierra ZOngalica is home to a large number of Nahua speakers, This region has been forgotten for many years and due to visitis by Mexico´s then president Vincente Fox, has finally been recieving some aid. The two main textiles produced here are wool crafts and bueatiful back strap woen belts. Bob Freund 27/03/2006
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The town of Atlanca is located, in the district of Los Reyes, just north of the town of Zongalica, between Tequila and Zongalica. It´s a small town, we drove in about ten minutes and stopped at the president’s or the mayor’s office and explained our purpose. They made an announcement in Nahuatl over the loudspeakers for people to come wearing their costumes. Initially one woman showed up she had been standing at a nearby store. She was wearing her black woven wrap skirt, the woven belt, and a lace type blouse with lace around the neck, with a ikat rebozo and a red coral necklace. As I was taking her picture, another woman came dressed in a similar fashion. I took some shots of them together with some mountains in the background. I thanked them very much . . . and well be back later.