Bob Freund
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A small, now indigenous village called Nogales, is located on a road that goes out of the town of Zomahapa between Zongalica and Comalaca, Vera Cruz and is a very steep and difficult road for my vehicle, which is prepared for these conditions, but didn’t do very well and had a number of bottoming outs. We drove to the town of Pensacola where we dropped off some people who we picked up in Zomahapa and we took some pictures. More people got on and we took the ride up to Nogales. Once in Nogales, we were told that there were only two women who wore the traditional costume in the town, probably a town of 300-400. There is some modernization going on there. They have a new well and a water system that brings them water so they don’t have to haul it five miles. The town was orderly and it was not a political town it was ecostumbres. We waited at a home for a woman to return from the fields, and while we were waiting we noticed another woman a great distance away coming down the hill from her fields and the people who were guiding me there yelled out to her in Nawaqui asking if she would let me take her picture, and she said yes! Then suddenly she just took off down the hill at an inordinate pace! I tried to catch up to her, and as you can see in the fourth picture, she was really making some tracks. We got down to her home and she just jumped inside her house and shut the door behind her. We asked if she was going to let us take her picture, but she said she was wearing her work clothes which were the all white muslin costume also. In the meantime, she went inside and changed into her best costume. You can see the pleats on the sleeves, the white cotton blouse (it is hot there) and the white muslin skirt that has been washed many times.

I asked her where she wanted her picture taken, and in the last picture you’ll see her pointing and said she wanted it taken “out there”, so she knew where she wanted her picture taken. This was a town where there are essentially two people left who wear traditional costumes.