Bob Freund
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While in the town of Zomajapa, I visited the local clinic which would have better information about types of clothing worn in the region. We found the doctors and nurses there to be very cooperative with us. They were very helpful in that they said to us that there were some towns above Zomahapa named Pensacola and Nogales that had a few women who still wore the traditional lower, or hot zone, Zocalica costume which is all white with the belt. So we set out off on a rather rough road with some people who were from Pensacola, and we drove up the hill quite a distance on this extraordinarily rough road. When we arrived in Pensacola and we drove around and found two or three women who still wore the costume. There was one woman who was willing to stand for some pictures for us, and she was the only woman who had the full costume on at the time we arrived. She wore the muslin skirt, had on a very worn belt, and an apron. She was interested in the idea that we were going to preserve this memory. She was barefoot, as were many other people who were there at the time. She lived with her daughter. As you can see, it is very lush as there is lots of coffee grown there, and she was a cooperative person.