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Driving up the road from Orizaba from Zongalica, the road divides. The left-hand road goes to Zongalica, Mixtla, and Teheupango. The right-hand road goes into Tequila and later connects to Calipa, then from Calipa you can go to Tehuepango, so it forms kind of a circuit.

Tequila appears to be a fairly prosperous, larger town where costume has been steadily fading. Many of the people you see in this town who are wearing costume come from the outlying towns and regions in the area.

I went to the DIF (Desarroyo Familial or Family Development) agency and was able to talk to the people who run the agency in that area. They took me up another hill (it just seemed that every single time in this region I was climbing hills!) and at the top of the hill I was able to take pictures of a woman named Magdelana, who is the mother of the woman who runs the DIF. She was wearing the traditional costume when I arrived. She had the back strap loom-woven wrap belt. I couldn’t even get her to take her sweater off because it was freezing. She had on a long woven skirt with the traditional lace top blouse. Due to the photographic conditions, the blouse pictures just looks all white, but it has the Orlon around the neckline. It is still worn by probably about 15% of the town.