Zomajapa is located on the “hot side” of the Sierra Zongalica. The costume is all but lost here. It is distinctly all white with pleated sleeves and a light reboso. During this trip I found only 2 women still in traditional dress.
Bob Freund
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Leading out of the town Zongalica, and heading to Comalapa we crossed, after we visited Atexoxocuapa we came to Zomajapa after visiting Xocua. Zomajapa was problematic because there were almost no people there who continued to wear the costume. A local vendor volunteered to take me and Antonio, the head of the Amatitlan ecotourism center, up to the top of this mountain that overlooks the town to where there was one woman who continues to wearing the traditional skirt and belt. She didn’t have the traditional blouse, but she did have the belt and skirt. It was the traditional multi-colored belt with the white skirt. She was extraordinarily poor and did not speak Spanish. We were able to take her picture. In the town itself was a man dressed in a half traditional costume muslin pants and regular shirt. In regular terms, Zomajapa is virtually extinct in terms of traditional textiles.

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