Alahualtitla, Chicontepec, Vera Cruz in this Nahua village the women wear an embroidered blouses and a unique embroidered skirt. The older women wear the embroidered skirt made from muslin with embroidery along the bottom. Bob Freund1/20/2006 For more
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Alahualtitla, Chicontepec, Vera Cruz was one of the villages where every thing went right. At first it seemed that I would not be able to get there because the river seemed a bit high and I was worried my car would flood out when crossing. Even though as I crossed the river I dropped down almost too mid door the car kept going and I blew out on to the other side with no problem. The road was under construction to the village and was a rough rocky ride.

In many towns in this region, the traditional dress is very similar however the older women in this part of Chicontepec wear an embroidered muslin skirt which is unique in the region.

After asking around and not being able to find a village elder I was directed to the woman in charge of the DIF, the DIF is an organization for the integral development of the family. It is not very usual that Americans visit this town and there is always a degree of suspicion about motives. After explaining my self and the project she decided to participate. That was the beginning of an incredible experience; the results are on the following pages.