Ayacatla, Chicontepec, Vera Cruz in this village the older women wear embroidered blouses and home made cotton skirts. Travel in this part of Chicontepec is via a rough dirt road Bob Freund 1/19/2006 For more information contact: info@mexicantextiles.com

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Showing how reboso is worn on cold days.
My guide Andres and I were worried we would not be able to get any photos in this town. The first three houses we visited the people seemed very reluctant, even though Andres spoke Nahuatl with them. After we roamed around the town for a while, we entered a store where this young girl was very interested in the textile project. She tried to convince her grandmother to participate and then her mother, both declined. I asked her why not her. She then agreed to participate and I must say her picture turned out great. This village was the first one where the crochet blouse appeared. While these blouses are interchangeable in the region, it seemed to be the blouse of choice here in Ayacatla.