La Pahua, Chicontepec, Vera Cruz in this village the older women wear embroidered blouses and home made cotton skirts. Some women in this village embroider tablecloths and other textile crafts.
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La Pahua is a small hamlet located in the Chicontepec plain. As we drove through the town we noticed a women embroidering and stopped to investigate. This stop turned out to be on of the funniest experiences in the region. The woman would break out a table cloth and it would be amazing as pictured bottom left. We would ask how much it cost and she would tell us it was not for sale. On the following pages you can see some wonderful examples of the embroidered arts of the region, just don’t try to buy one, they are not for sale. I can only imagine they are done for pride or special family occasions. Interestingly enough she sold me the blouse she had , which is a suit. Again she would not sell the skirt but I did notice in the town that the synthetic material used for the blouse was worn by other women in town. Her humble alter and kitchen are lost shown in this gallery