Xocoatl , Vera Cruz here, the older women wear embroidered blouses or knit blouses. It is located at the base of a sacred mountain. Bob Freund1/19/2006
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Xocatl is a Nahua community next to another sacred mountain. In this town I found the crocheted knit top to be common among the older generation and only used by the young during a festival. There is embroidery collective there which work exclusively for one client. I was interesting that they didn’t seem to be embroidering Nahua designs but rather Huasteca patterns see the last image on the top row.The family pictured here was very willing to have there picture taken, the grandmother and the granddaughter both were interested in the project and even help speak with us speak with the embroidery collective. This blouse is interesting because of all the designs which I saw, most designs are animals or flowers.

As we left the town my guide Andres stopped to show me a fruit which grows out of the side of the tree trunk, this fruit is used to for a type of cup or jicara which is then painted and used during weddings.