Cuauhtamamazaco is a small Nahua village which is part Tzinciulan municipality od Cuetzalan, Puebla. Traditional embroidered blouses and blackstrap woven belts are worn by a diminishing number of women here.
Bob Freund 10/26/2005 For more infomation contact:

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Curandero with office hours
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A few years ago I was visiting Tzinciulan (10/2001) and after making contact with a number of Nahua weavers and embroiderer I was on my way out of town. The woman pictured approached me in the street and offered to sell me a small weaving. We went back and forth for a while and after agreeing to buy her piece she let me take her picture. When I retuned (10/2005) I wanted to give her the picture and after asking around was told she was from Cuauhtamamazaco, a mall village which is on the outskirts of town. This is how things often happen, after that I went into the government office in Tzinciulan and asked about the village. The town secretary took my map and drew roads and marked 10 villages that didn’t show on any of my "detailed maps". So in the midst of the tail end of Hurricane Stan, we set off to find the village. After a rough road we came to an intersection where I showed the picture to some people waiting for a bus and they directed me down the left fork in the road. As the song goes "down the road we go" off to find Cuauhtamamazaco. It was a very rocky road until we finally arrived in the small hamlet of Cuauhtamamazaco. While I didn’t find her, a person that knew her said she would deliver the picture for me. After a bit more study I found that the back road leads out to the back entrance to Hueyapan. The quechquemitl was just like those worn in Tzinciulan as was the blouse and belt. The fringe on the quechquemitl seems to be one of the more distinguishing features. There is now a crafts union in Tzinciulan.