Reyeshogapan is a small Nahua village perched on top of a hill north of Cuetzalan. there are many women here that continue to wear embroidered blouses, back strap woven belts and quechquemitls.Bob Freund10/26/2005
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road into town
Armed with a list of the main towns in the Cuetzalan region I began to look for Reyeshogapan, the road into the village is not marked and it was necessary to ask frequently where the entrance was. Once located the road was solid rock, but given the hurricane driven rains, rock was fine with me. Once up in the village bought a model on the "papoose" used to carry young children from a couple that spoke very little Spanish. Then with hand signs I was directed to a store which was the community store. After a brief conversation Margarita de la Calleja Martinez agreed to be photographed. The blouse is a single color but she told me it was just a personal decision and that other women in town wear the traditional multi colored blouses. I have to admit working in the rain is difficult, I really hate the flash but these shots are decent. She told me about another 5 towns below Reyeshogapan, but warned me the road was very difficult due to the rains.