Hurricane Stan arrived in the sierra Norte of Puebla Oct 3 and 4 , 2005 and most of the southern part of Mexico bringing flooding and immense damage. Roads were washed away and we were trapped in Cuetzalan for a day and a half.
Bob Freund 10/26/2005 For more infomation

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Hurricane Stan was not well known in the US because it really didn’t pose a threat to the US mainland. However its rains had a devastating effect in Mexico and Central America. We were trapped in Cuetzalan for almost two days from road closures and bridges being washed away. The state o Puebla was hit but Vera Cruz and Chiapas were damaged severely as were many villages in Guatemala. In the first image you can see how the steps in Cuetzalan were converted into a water fall. We tried to follow the road clearing teams until it was obvious that there was no way out of town. The road to Zacapoaxtla was washed away and bridges to Zacatlan were down and the road into Vera Cruz was covered with landslides.